Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another long overdue update

Well, its been almost two months since I touched this thing, figured I might want to drop a line so y'all know I'm still alive.
I've started a new job with Bravo Company, 501st BSB. I'm in the same Brigade as I was before, but it is much different that what I was doing before. I was in a Forward Support Company with Delta, which meant my company provided logistics support for the Cavalry Unit in our brigade. The company I'm in now is the maintenance company of the Brigade Support Battalion. It is a much bigger company, but its focus is on maintenance for the brigade, not overall support for a single battalion. I've been in the position for a week now, and there hasn't been a short day for me yet. I think I'll enjoy it once I can get in the groove and get caught up on everything.
Jackson is doing well, he has calmed down a bit but he's still got the same bouncy personality. I try to take him for a good long walk twice a day. He's about 37 pounds or so still, my little pup is growing up! I'm watching him play with his giant tennis ball right now (about the size of a small soccer ball). He'll bat at it until he can get it to bounce, then chase it, get his nose under it and toss it in the air. The good thing about staying in 1st BDE is knowing that I won't be deploying for a good while. I've got at least another year and a half to spend with my pup.
I'm working on getting in shape right now, making myself run even though I don't like it, working out, watching what I eat. I've quit drinking soft drinks entirely, haven't had one in weeks. I might be able to treat myself to a ginger ale or a root beer every once in a while if I can got three months without one, but I'm trying to keep it to an absolute minimum. I have picked up the habit of a couple energy drinks now and then, but I've found one thats not quite as insane as others. It is made by Monster energy drinks, called "Rehab." It only has 10 calories, uses splenda as a sweetener, and tastes like a mix of lemonade and tea. It is one of the only energy drinks not packed with sugar that doesn't taste like radioactive toxic waste. I'm still trying to work the whole diet thing. It takes so much prep time! I'm going to sit down this weekend and pick some things I know I'll like that I can make on the fly or keep at work so I don't have to worry about the prep time as much. That way I can get the ball rolling and see if I can't lose a little bit of the winter weight before it gets too hot out here to have extra insulation.
I'm actually coming around to El Paso. Its not the best place in the world, but there are some good things about it. This fall I'm hoping to find some places to go hunting. There are lots of good restaurants, and if I can drive for a while I can get to some pretty interesting stuff in New Mexico. I'm looking into places to go now, trying to plan some weekend trips while I'm on this side of the country. Its certainly not home, but I'm trying to make the best of it.
Thats all for now, I'll see you when I see you.

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  1. Glad your new assignment means you get to stay in El Paso longer now with Jackson... I know you would have enjoyed the Low Country Boil Saturday night, let us know when you are coming home and we will have one for the family!